Амортизаторы Fox Air Shock

Амортизаторы Fox Air Shock
Амортизаторы Fox Air Shock

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Fox 2.0 Air Shocks are the ones that started it all. Invented by Bob Fox in 1974, the line now includes 2.0 standard, and 2.0 coil-shock. (see 2.0 Coil air shock)Fox Air Shock are used primarily on rock crawlers, sand buggies, and pre-runners. Air shocks feature a precision smooth-bore seamless alloy body that is cadmium plated and clear coated. 6061-T6 body caps and eyelets house teflon lined, heat treated alloy steel spherical bearings. Air shock shafts are made from 4130 alloy steel, and are hard chrome plated for durability. Valving is velocity sensitive, and user tuneable. Nitrogen gas pressurized from 50-500 PSI.

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